PHOTO: Snake eel bursts midair through stomach of heron that swallowed it

A shocking photo captured by an amateur photographer in Delaware shows the exact moment that a snake eel bursts midair through the stomach of a heron that swallowed it whole.
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Video Shows Brown Bear Following Boy on Family Hike

Scary video of a bear following a 12-year-old boy down a mountain during a family hike.
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Smokey Bear Turns 75

Smokey the Bear Turned 75. Smokey’s message "Only You Can Prevent Wildfires" is the longest running public service advertising campaign in U.S. history. To help celebrate Betty White, Jeff Foxworthy and more celebrities helped spread his message. Click the link below to hear their PSA...
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Bald Eagle Birdnapped

Sammy the Bald Eagle was stolen from his habitat at a Wildlife Refuge in New York. Surveillance video from the night of the birdnapping was released in hopes of getting Sammy back to safety. Sammy cannot fly and he’s lived at the refuge for the past 31 years. How sad? Poor Sammy. :( FULL STORY AND...
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16-Foot Burmese Python Caught

A female Burmese python more than 16 feet long was caught over the weekend in the Everglades. The python's nest of up to 50 eggs was destroyed as well. Thank you and great job to Ronnie Bergeron and friends! Click on the link below to see the pictures...
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