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Dunkaroos Are Set to Return This Summer

The popular 90s snack Dunkaroos will be making a comeback.
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Nestlé Toll House Releases New Grinch Sugar Cookies

Alright we just kicked off fall but it’s apparently time for Christmas. Nestlé Toll House Releases New Grinch Sugar Cookies with a Heart That's Two Sizes Too Small. :) This holiday season "Whoville" will be in kitchens everywhere. The new green ready-to-bake sugar cookie dough and a red heart...
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Lucky Charms Just Launched Marshmallows

General Mills has teamed up with Kraft’s Jet-Puffed to make Lucky Charms Marshmallows! Yep, you can now get the magically delicious part of Lucky Charms all by themselves. The bag is filled with red hearts, yellow stars, green clovers, and blue moons. I think I'll get a bag and just add the...
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Coming Soon Fudge Brownie M&M’s

Fudge Brownie M&M’s are reportedly coming out this fall. A picture of the new flavor was posted by Instagram account @junkfoodleaks_ and they usually have the breaking news on snacks before we see them in the stores. I'm not a huge chocolate fan however I do like M&M's and Brownies so this...
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