KFC Chicken

The KFC Firelog is Back

KFC’s fried chicken smelling firelog is back! So if you want your house to smell finger lickin’ good you better get it fast because they sold out last year. The KFC firelog is available exclusively at for $18.99. Click on the link below for more details...
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Vegan Calls Police, Friends Tricked Her Into Eating Chicken

A vegan woman of 10 years says that after drinking with her friends one night they tricked her into eating a chicken nugget. She was so upset she called the police on them and they are now facing charges. The full story is below but I’m curious do you think she was overreacting because it was a...
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Popeyes Solution to Sold Out Chicken Sandwiches BYOB

Due to the chicken Sandwich shortage, Popeyes wants you to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bun) not Beer.
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Where to Celebrate National Chicken Wing Day

It's National Chicken Wing Day! I love me some chicken wings and saving money. :) All the places to save money and celebrate below...
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Chick-fil-A Giving Away Free Food on Cow Appreciation Day

In honor of their fifteenth annual Cow Appreciation Day, Chick-fil-A Is Giving Away Free Food again IF you dress like a cow. Therefore, you have tonight to throw together a cow costume because Cow Appreciation Day is tomorrow! All the details below...
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