Burger King

Burger King Launches 'Ghost Whopper' For Halloween

It may be a trick or treat for you, but Burger King is ready for you to be spooked! The restaurant chain just announced a limited edition whopper. Boo! Are you scared? Burger King announced that their Halloween burger will be "The Ghost Whopper." the Ghost Whopper is the only burger approved by 11...
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Burger King Will Start Selling $1 Tacos

Yesss.... Starting today Burger King will start selling tacos for one dollar. For a limited time btw. Yum... crunchy tortilla with shredded cheddar cheese, seasoned beef, lettuce and a taco sauce. : ) Will you try a taco from Burger King? : )
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KFC Hires RoboCop to Protect Their Secret Recipe

For when a relatively safe safe isn't safe enough
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