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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Gifts Kobe Bryant's Daughter A Cardigan

Taylor Swift surprised everyone with her 8th studio album "Folklore." The first single off the album is a song called "Cardigan." A few "Swifties" were gifted a cartigan and Kobe Bryant's daughter Natalia was one of them. Vanessa Bryant...Kobe Bryant's widow... expressed her gratitude that Swift... Read More
Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Orlando Cancels Halloween Horror Nights 2020

Earlier today Universal Orlando announced the cancellation of the fan favorite Halloween Horror Nights due to the coronavirus pandemic. Universal shared the news on social media saying in part the “pain will be temporary, and that Halloween Horror Nights will come again." This comes a bit... Read More
Cam IG Live Watch now

Verizon Artist Lounge IG Live with Cam

Dina B. chatted with Cam for another Verizon Artist Lounge IG Live @KissCountry999 - Thursday 7/30 at 4PM EST! Brought to you in part by Stella Rosa Wines - Real Taste Comes Naturally! Dina B. talked with Cam about new music since her hit 'Burning House', the inspiration behind her response to... Read More
Taylor Swift

Surprise Taylor Swift Announces New Album

Taylor Swift announced that she's dropping her 8th studio album titled 'Folklore' tonight at midnight. Tay surprised fans on social media and said most of the things she had planned this summer didn't end up happening but there is something she hadn't planned that did and that's the release of this... Read More
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Verizon Artist Lounge IG Live with Chris Bandi

TC chatted with Chris Bandi is joining us for a Verizon Artist Lounge IG Live @KissCountry999 - Wednesday 7/22 12PM EST! Brought to you in part by Stella Rosa Wines - Real Taste Comes Naturally! TC caught up with Chris Bandi and he played some songs. See it all NOW! Make sure to keep checking wkis... Read More

The Miami Dolphins Announced Changes for the 2020 Season

Sadly, this pandemic has changed the way we do things. A simple grocery store run is quite the experience and now attending sporting events. The Miami Dolphins announced some of the changes for the upcoming 2020 season. For example fans will not be allowed to attend training camp or even pre-season... Read More

Kangaroo Was Loose On The Streets In Fort Lauderdale

This morning a kangaroo was found hopping around the streets of Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale police just tried to corral it and keep it out of traffic. Word is that the roo was very friendly and is somebody's pet. Police put a rope around his neck and got him in the back of the police car... Read More

Reba Concert On YouTube This Friday

Another concert from the comfort of our homes is coming this Friday, July 17th on YouTube at 8:00 p.m. Reba will be re-launching "Reba:Live." It will be an hour long special that was filmed in 1994, complete with Reba's great personality and all those costume changes. Reba said.... "This was one of... Read More

Woman Takes Dishwasher Job to be Near Husband

A Jacksonville woman took a dishwashing job so she could visit her husband with Alzheimer’s during the pandemic. After being apart from her husband for 114 days this was the only way she could see him again since visitation is still not allowed due to the coronavirus. Luckily, upon her first day as... Read More