The Joe Exotic Halloween Costume Is Here

The Full Garb On Sale

May 13, 2020
The Joe Exotic Halloween Costume Is Here

© Nate Billings/The Ok | 2020 Mar 30


If you are a fan of Tiger King or  Joe Exotic, you can now dress up as him for Halloween.

 (PETA) is selling the “Joe Exotic Tiger Killer Costume” on its website for $159.99.

What will your package include?  A blond mullet wig, a mustache, jail bars, a  prison jumpsuit and  YES..... the Tiger! 

Halloween just got a lot scarier! -- Advance order PETA’s Tiger Killer costume and you’ll have everything you need—mustache and all—to dress up as the notorious #TigerKing abuser Joe Exotic. Tap the link in our profile to order yours:

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PETA Foundation lawyer Brittany Peet  in a press document said ” ‘Tiger King’ has exposed tiger exhibitors as ghouls who steal cubs from their mothers, exploit them as living photo props, and then often discard or kill them when they grow up,”