Security Beefed Up In The Toilet Paper Aisle

Hoarding Prevention

March 23, 2020
Security Beefed Up In Toilet Paper Isle

© DENNY SIMMONS / COUR | 2020 Mar 21


There's no word on Publix or Winn Dixie yet, but some grocery chains have already begun to put security in the toilet paper isles because of the recent demand

So far Kroger, Stop & Shop, and Shop Rite are just three of the chains beefing up security around the toilet paper. Walmart, on the other hand, is using a mixture of cops and security services around their toilet paper. 

Other chains are using the plainclothes cop approach to try and deter any problems with hoarding and fighting over rolls of toilet paper. 

Have you witnessed people arguing over toilet paper? Do you think you bought to much toilet paper?