National Taco Day Deals

Save Money On Tacos

October 4, 2019
national Taco Day

© Ken Ruinard / staff | 2019 Oct 3


A survey for National Taco Day found just 5% of Americans don't like tacos.  76% of us eat them at least every few weeks.  71% prefer tacos over burritos.  And people in the western U.S. are more likely to prefer hard tacos over soft tacos.

And here are a few Taco Day deals to check out:  Baja Fresh has a buy-one-get-one coupon.  You can get two free tacos at Jack in the Box if you join their loyalty club.  Long John Silver's has free fish and shrimp tacos.  And Taco Bell has a fairly lame four-taco "Gift Box" deal for $5.