WATCH NOW: Durkin & June Give Away Two Grills for 4th of July!

Watch Durkin & June personally deliver two new Charcoal Kamado Grills to KISS Listeners

July 8, 2019

This 4th of July, we asked our KISS Country listeners to send in photos of their run down, rust-covered, grease-battered grills and we recieved over 200 entries! And some of them were... really... really.. BAD! (CLICK HERE to see them all)

Durkin and June were on a mission to literally... Get all up in your grill! And they sure did! We chose two of the worst of the worst grills in South Florida and we hooked them up with a brand spankin' new Charcoal Kamado Grill, PLUS, a 13 piece Cuisinart Grill tool set, and a $250 gift certificate to Toby Keith's Walking Farms Premium Meat! 

Watch as Durkin and June personally delivered these grills to both winners on July 4th.

Thanks to everyone who entered! Brought to you by Show Dog Nashville and KISS Country 99.9.