Florida Woman Shocked to Find a Raccoon in Christmas Tree

At one point the raccoon can be scene swinging from a chandelier in the viral video.

December 15, 2020

A Tallahassee woman was in complete shock by an early-morning visitor that had made its way not only into her home but into her Christmas tree — That visitor a raccoon.  The woman has a doggy door so that's how it actually got into her home in the first place. The woman was startled at 4:15 in the morning to her dog barking and just staring at the Christmas Tree. After a little investigating she discovered it was a raccoon. She then knocks it out of the tree with a broom, the dog and raccoon go at it, the raccoon is seen on camera running all around the house even swinging from her chandelier at one point. Luckily, after an hour the raccoon ran out. Thank goodness the dog just had a few minor scratches from the scuffle but no bites. This was like a scene from Christmas Vacation but worse because it was a raccoon not a squirrel. You need to see it to believe it though! 


Click the link below to watch the viral video...