Teen Attacked By Dogs In Fenced Yard

August 13, 2019

4:45 Saturday morning in Irving Texas,  police were called and found a 16 year old boy being mauled by three dogs in the backyard of someones home.  Police jumped the fence to help the boy and the dogs then turned on them.  One officer was bitten and one dog was shot and had to be euthanized.  The other 2 dogs are now at an animal shelter.  The 16 year old boy has died from his injuries.  Police say the dogs were secured in their own backyard and the boy did not live there.  

Just FYI in Florida..

Under Florida law, criminal trespass is defined as the willful entry into or remaining upon property without the express or implied permission of the owner. Trespass in a structure or conveyance carries penalties that may include jail, probation, and permanent criminal record.

Hopefully everyone knows the law so something like this doesn't happen again.  Teach your children.