Soldiers In Syria Want To Bring Pup Back To The US

$6000 Will Get Her Here

May 22, 2020
Soldiers In Syria

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American soldiers stationed in Syria want to raise money to bring their adopted stray pup, Harley back to the US.  They will be heading home and can't imagine leaving the pup behind.

The soldiers were on a mission and found a puppy crying.   His litter mates had passed away.  They took Harley with them.

Robert Misseri... who is the co-founder of Paws of Wars said..."When these guys befriend a dog in a war zone it’s often what helps them get through each day."  They need our help to pull this off tho'.

They have until June 6th to raise $6000 to bring the pup back.   Something tells me they're gonna get the $$.   : )  - Darlene Evans

Click below to see cute lil' Harley and get more info.