What Miranda Lambert Really Thought of Maren Morris' Playboy Shoot

Morris appeared in the 'Gender and Sexuality' issue

July 1, 2019

A country music star’s decision to pose for Playboy might have raised a lot of eyebrows ten years ago – maybe even five - but the reaction, or lack thereof, to Maren Morris’ recent appearance in the magazine has been encouraging to the GIRL singer.

"I think that it's 2019 and a lot of people are really starting to modernize their thinking on sexuality and what you can say in your songs and what it means to be a feminist or a woman,” Morris told WUSN during Lakefest over the weekend. “It's not all one color. I like that I am seeing much more diversity coming out, and I am glad that country is starting to really embrace that," she said.  

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Some of the most encouraging words came from fellow country star Miranda Lambert, who reached out when the initial teaser photos were released.

"She was like you are kicking butt, don't listen to the haters,” Morris said. “You are doing exactly what you should be doing,"

The decision to take part in the photo shoot was part of the same mindset Morris was in when she was writing and producing her latest album. The empowering tracks from the top-played female country artist over the past two years propelled her to the top of the country album chart, and Morris thinks the music still has legs.

“I feel like over the last few months the album has grown,” Morris said. “You start to see as the artist from the stage which songs are becoming fan favorites and that’s always really special to see.”