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Bald Eagle Birdnapped

Sammy the Bald Eagle was stolen from his habitat at a Wildlife Refuge in New York. Surveillance video from the night of the birdnapping was released in hopes of getting Sammy back to safety. Sammy cannot fly and he’s lived at the refuge for the past 31 years. How sad? Poor Sammy. :( FULL STORY AND... Read More

The Internet is Freaking Out Over Peppa Pig

The internet went nuts today all over the height of Peppa Pig. After a random Google search, discovered that Peppa Pig is over 7 feet tall. So basically Peppa Pig is the same height as Shaq. :) CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW FOR THE FULL STORY ... Read More

Tom Hanks Perfect In Mr. Rogers Movie

Tom Hanks will play Mr. Rogers in a new movie, "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" in theaters on November 22nd. : ) Perfect casting don't you think? Won't you be my neighbor? : ) Read More

Let The Redlands Be Green! Sign the Petition!

OK... Mama is sticking up for the "Little Man" (remember Alan Jackson song?) Medium density housing is proposed for the property on the south east corner of SW 344th Street and SW 192nd Ave. in the Redlands. More apartments or condos? Yep... directly across from the historic fruit stand "Robert is... Read More

Pembroke Pines PD Find Wandering Piglet

The Pembroke Pines Police found a 4-legged piglet on the grounds of West Broward High School this morning. The Pines PD is trying to reunite the little piggy with its owner after it was found wandering the baseball field outside of the school. Click the link below to see the adorable piggy and if... Read More