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Man Dressed in T-REX Costume Makes Snow Angels in Madrid

Over the weekend a man in Madrid Spain dressed in a T-Rex costume made snow angels with his tiny T-Rex arms. Madrid had quite the snow storm leaving them with about 8 inches of snow, the most they have seen since 1971. Click the link below to check out the funny viral video… Read More
Wonder Woman

Check Out The Official Footwear for Wonder Woman 1984

Biion Footwear and Warner Bros. have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind shoe inspired by Wonder Woman's iconic costume. The Wonder Woman special edition kicks are ruby red with the classic golden "W" emblem and a star-spangled pattern across the toe, white midsole, and a yellow outsole. The shoe... Read More

Book a Top Notch Video Chat with Santa

If the kids do a zoom with Santa this one looks like the cream of the crop. The Santa Experience is bringing joy to kids around the world with a tour of the North Pole. Elves take you behind the scenes of their mailroom, toy shop, the reindeer stables and you'll even meet Mrs. Claus before getting... Read More

Florida Woman Shocked to Find a Raccoon in Christmas Tree

A Tallahassee woman was in complete shock by an early-morning visitor that had made its way not only into her home but into her Christmas tree — That visitor a raccoon. The woman has a doggy door so that's how it actually got into her home in the first place. The woman was startled at 4:15 in the... Read More

Coyote Creeps Behind Fire Fighter at Fire Station

A Fort Lauderdale firefighter had a very close encounter with a coyote that made its way into the fire station and crept up behind him. Dan Scanlon said he was inside Firehouse 29 when he spotted a full grown coyote standing only 2 feet away from him when he turned around. In shock, the Fort... Read More

The Famous 'Home Alone' House Replicated in Gingerbread Form

The McCallister house from “Home Alone” is back after 30 years, this time as a gingerbread house. It took the artist and cake decorator 300 hours to achieve the feat. Which is 12 and a half days total. The artwork included the Oh-Kay plumbing van used by burglars Harry and Marv, the Little Nero’s... Read More

S. Fl. Community Step Up to Find a Homeless Man's Beloved Dog

A South Florida community has come together to try and help a homeless man whose dog has gone missing. Pedro Carrion is heartbroken that his only family, a chihuahua named Sky, is missing. He and Sky have been seen just off the Palmetto and Northwest 67th Avenue for quite some time now and many... Read More