Stars and Strings: Why Chris Janson Is Feeling the 'Good Vibes'

Backstage at RADIO.COM’s event in Brooklyn

December 4, 2019

Chris Janson has become the go-to-guy this holiday season.

Need a positive performance for the Thanksgiving Day Parade? Call Chris Janson. Need a rocking version of “Run, Run Rudolph” for your Christmas special? Call Chris Janson. How about a big star for your NASCAR Awards show? Hold on, let us think. How about you, just call Chris Jason.

It’s amazing Janson was able to find time to stop by RADIO.COM’s Stars and Strings in New York, but we were so happy to have him here. The Real Friends singer is nothing but positive energy, and living proof that sometimes you get what you put out into the world.

Janson was happy to be back in New York City after starring in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade just a week ago. "We basically just had a big New York vacation again, and then did the parade to cap it off," he says of his experience being a part of the tradition, bringing his wife and kids along for the ride. "I was back in Nashville by the afternoon to set up for dinner" he smiles as he talks about the well-oiled machine behind the Thanksgiving tradition.

Janson is right at home in New York. "I like to drive fast and you can do that here," he grins. "You can just honk and nobody gets mad."

Even with all the chaos of NYC though, Janson still brings his "Good Vibes" and that amazing spirit. "I kind of collect energy off the audience and just give it back ten fold," Janson explained. "It's no pun intended. Bring your good vibes and bring your best attitude and for however long I'm on stage, make sure you bring the best that you have at that moment. For me it's like an aerobics session. I'm really bringing it" he laughs.

"I'm in a good mood when I'm up there, and I'm in a better mood when people are in a good mood."

You can hear much more from our interview with Chris Janson above, and find more coverage from Stars and Strings in New York here.

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