Stars and Strings: Beards and New Music With Sam Hunt

Backstage at RADIO.COM’s event in Brooklyn

December 4, 2019

“I do feel at home here,” Sam Hunt told us sitting backstage at RADIO.COM’s Stars and Strings in Brooklyn. “There are a lot of bearded guys, a lot of flannel.”

The “Body Like A Back Road” singer’s beard game remained strong at Barclays Center before his last show of the year on Wednesday, but the focus remained on 2020 and finally a new album arriving after more than five years. The first sample has been “Kinfolks,” which Hunt explained has something from the past but also a fresh new sound as he looks towards the sophomore LP.

“Yeah it has some of those elements from songs that I put out before. It’s not a big jump from anything I’ve done in the past but, it’s fun and I felt like a good way to start the record.”

“I have some more songs coming, but that seems to kind of capture the mood I’ve been in I guess in the past couple years when it comes to songwriting.”

Hunt admits that he hasn’t put out as much music as he would like to, because of the demands of touring. “If I could go back I would continue writing and try to stay creative,” says Sam. “I don’t think the delay would have been quite as long.”

It hasn’t all been quiet since Hunt dropped his debut. There’s this little song called “Body Like A Back Road” that sprung up along the way. The mega-hit ended up everywhere, we mean everywhere.

“I heard it down in Honduras,” Hunt smiles, recalling the weirdest spot he’s heard his smash single. “At a grocery store,” he laughs.

As for new music, the album will be turned in on January 1st, and then it’s off to the races for 2020. “I’m thinking April,” he says of a possible release date, with plans for a tour in the works as well.

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