Chase Rice Reveals That He and 'Bachelor' Peter Weber Haven't Spoken Since Meeting

February 3, 2020

Chase Rice was in for a shock when he appeared as the musical guest on last week’s episode of “The Bachelor.” Little did he know, he was about to perform for his ex-girlfriend and her new man. And despite his friendly banter with Bachelor Peter Weber, the two haven't remained close.

Rice chatted with Kelly Ford of RADIO.COM's New York’s Country 94.7 about the experience and revealed that the whole thing was just as weird as it looked on TV.

“It was weird. I knew that she was going on the show. I talked to my manager and my publicist and we talked about it and they said ‘Nah, it’s all good. They’re not gonna do that. That’s just a weird coincidence.’ And sure enough, we were way off on that one,” Rice revealed.

But there are no hard feelings between him and estranged lover, contestant Victoria F.  “I got no problem with her,” he said, after revealing the two had spent the night together once in Charlotte and then texted back-and-forth for a period of time.

As for the shock factor, Rice has since gotten over the gaffe. “It wasn’t what I signed up for, but at the end of the day, if it brings people to my music and brings people to my album, Part I of ‘Lonely If You Are,’ then I’m good with it,” he said.

Still, fans couldn’t help but spot the reference to the show in one of his songs, leading viewers to believe that he’s not quite over things with Victoria F. after all. Rice set the record straight. “Nah, all those songs on this album 'Part I' and including ‘Lonely If You Are’ are about my ex-girlfriend that I dated for two years,” he said.

The final question on fans’ minds is whether or not Rice ended up paling around with Weber after their friendly chat on the show. “I didn’t reach out to him because of the way it all went down,” he said. But Rice doesn’t want to put the possibility of a friendship to rest. “At the end of the day, I think it’d be cool,” he explains.

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