What Artist Is Most Played On Jukeboxes Across Our USA?

December 18, 2017
TouchTunes put out a chart that measured "plays" on jukeboxes in 65,000 bars and restaurants across our US of A.   Guess who was the most-played artist?   CHRIS STAPLETON!   Chris also has the top song honor too... "Tennessee Whiskey"... which held the top spot for more than 80 weeks... longer than any song in the history of TouchTunes.   : ) Just LOVE Chris Stapleton.  : )  - Darlene Evans Country music.... btw... was played more than any other genre on digital jukeboxes this year.   : ) Jon Pardi was named 2017's top played newcomer. Here's this year's most played artists according to "TouchTunes. 1. Chris Stapleton 2. AC/DC 3. Eric Church 4. Lynyrd Skynyrd 5. Bruno Mars 6. The Rolling Stones 7. Luke Bryan 8. Eagles 9. Johnny Cash 10. George Strait