By Dina B

Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida 25 years ago and left a path of destruction from The Keys to Fort Lauderdale. Andrew caused major damage in the Bahamas and Louisiana, but the greatest impact was felt in South Florida. Andrew passed directly through Homestead and Dade County with sustained wind speeds as high as 165 mph (270 km/h).

I remember it like it was yesterday. My father is a professional boxing trainer and he happened to be away for a fight in Las Vegas and couldn’t get back home to us. My poor mother, a New Yorker who’s never been in a hurricane before, let alone a Category 5 storm had to do everything. We were living in Pembroke Pines at the time and my Grandmother in North Miami. We picked my grandmother up, raced to get last minute supplies and braced ourselves for the worst storm to ever hit Florida. 

Andrew came through the night not that it mattered because sleep was the last thing we did. There we all were, My Grandmother, Mother, Sister, our dog Nugget and my pet bird and I cramped on a bunch of blankets in the hallway. The whole house shook. It was the scariest experience and if you weren’t here for it, consider yourself lucky! 

We had no power, just flashlights and of course a radio. Thank goodness for radio and meteorologist Bryan Norcross. Norcross was the hero we all turned to during that devastating storm.

There’s a hurricane Andrew exhibit running through the end of the year at HistoryMiami museum which was put together with the help of Bryan Norcross. The HistoryMiami museum is located at 101 W Flagler Street in Miami.

25 years later but I still remember every single detail!  




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