By Darlene Evans

Today is National Tooth Fairy Day.

Seems as though most families think the tooth fairy looks like Tinkerbell… others think the tooth fairy is a male.   Pretty much all believe that the tooth fairy will leave behind some kind of gift when they collect a tooth that was put under their pillow when lost.

I was curious how much the tooth fairy was paying out these days.   Well…. according to a survey by Visa… the average payout for a tooth was $3.00 and up.   Some children got $20.00.   According to Delta Dental… the Tooth Fairy visits 85% of the homes in our US or A.  89% of those homes leave $$.  The tooth Fairy was paying the best in the West  $5.96 lol ($6.89 for the 1st tooth)   next comes the Northeast at $5.08… the South at $4.57 and finally the Midwest at $4.04.   I love the fact there is change involved and not just bills.

Nobody wants a “cheap” tooth fairy but… remember if the tooth fairy pays too much it could cause problems on the playground.

How much does your tooth fairy pay out?    – Darlene Evans




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