I had a pretty strict Dad growing up.  I give him credit.  I grew up to be a pretty decent guy and was always respectful to authority and my elders.  That being said, I had some pretty stupid rules.

When everyone was wearing Jnco Jeans and Lee Pipes, I got a couple pair and the kabosh was put on those pretty quick.  I had to wear the dorkiest of tight jeans, LEVI to be exact. Haha.  I wasn’t allowed to wear those and that was pretty much my Dad doing me a favor.  I didn’t think it at the time, but looking back it’s clear he did.  I’m not including that a strict rule here.

For me, the strictest and stupidest of rules was an 8pm bed time when I was a freshmen in high school.  My kindergartner (Soon to be 1st grader!) goes to bed at 8:30pm! The problem is that I’m a night owl.  So, for me 8pm was like wasting 4-5 hours of prime video game, magazine reading, music listening, etc. time! Haha!

The following are from Buzzfeed.com and were user submitted!  Click HERE to see the explanations and MORE!

1. No straws

2. No Looney Tunes

3. No talking at dinner — at all



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