By Darlene Evans

We never know what the day is going to bring.  Right?   Yesterday my daughter came to me crying, that her friend since childhood had been killed in a car accident.

Word is she was at a stop sign when a truck slammed into her car … killing her.   Annette had just been at the bank by Peters Road.

No official word yet as to what was going on with the person in the truck that hit her.

So many lives have been changed forever.   Hearts broken.   Today at 5:00… her friends will be putting flowers at the accident  scene.  : (

If not for a medical problem, impaired or truck malfunction,  one can only assume, the driver did not have their full attention on driving.   Rest in Peace Annette.  We will miss you.  – Darlene Evans

We don’t know if texting was the cause of this accident but, lots of texting and driving happens on the roads as well as flat out not paying attention.     Sharing Tim McGraw’s video  for ” Highway Don’t Care” as a reminder to all of us.


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