By Darlene Evans

New report ┬ácame out again from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention… over a 3 year period… 70,669 kids in the US ages 12 or under got sick as a direct result from hand sanitizer.

This info comes from reports that the Poison Control centers across our US of A reported between 2011 and 2014.

Get this… 62,000 cases were related to the kids drinking it. The different fruity fragrances were appealing too.

Lots of the children experienced vomiting, pain, red eyes and 5 kids fell into comas, 3 had seizures, 2 had respiratory depression and some with hypoglycemia.

944 of the cases were older children between 6- 12 years old.  The report indicated that the older children might be deliberately misusing or abusing alcohol hand sanitizers.






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