By Amanda Wicks

Something magical clicked when Nicole Kidman first laid eyes on Keith Urban in 2005. She knew after that moment he was the one for her, and she was right. The two married one year later.

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Kidman appears on CBS Sunday Morning this Sunday, December 18th, where she discusses the immediate spark she felt when she met her future husband. “We just had chemistry,” Kidman says in the segment. “I never underestimate the power of chemistry.”

The two, who are ridiculously cute with each other when it comes to anniversaries and birthdays, do more than celebrate the happy moments. They are also there for each other during the hard times, too. When Kidman’s father passed away in 2014, she explains how quickly Urban flew to her side.

“I called him screaming and crying,” she recounts. “And he was about to go on stage. And he walked off stage and he got on a plane. He had just gotten there. He flew six hours, and he was right back there. And he literally picked me up and carried – pretty much carried me through the next two weeks. And that to me, that’s a marriage, and that’s love. And I’m so grateful to have that. And I also had, you know, my children going, ‘It’s going to be all right, Momma.'”

CBS Sunday Morning airs this Sunday, December 18th at 9:30am EST.

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