By U-Turn Laverne

During last years Kiss Cares For Kids Radiothon I encouraged you to become a Team Player cause you never know when you will need Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. Well, those words rang real true the day after the radiothon wrapped up and my son broke his arm.

Last year the Saturday after our Kiss Cares For Kids Radiothon I found myself needing the very hospital I helped raise money for, for 2 days. My family was at a friends house for a holiday party having a great time, that changed quickly when the kids came running outside saying that my son was hurt. Blaize was wearing only his socks and was running around inside the house playing tag with the other kids, as he was running around a corner he slipped and fell but he tried bracing his fall and thats when he broke his arm.

Crazy how 1 minute we were celebrating the holiday season with friends and the next minute Scott and I were rushing our 6 year old to the ER. We took Blaize to the nearby ER/Walk in clinic where they placed his arm in a temporary cast and said he needed to see an orthopedic doctor asap. Before I could ask for suggestions, the doctor said the best pediatric orthopedic doctors are at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. With no more questions asked I contacted a friend of mine whose son has been using an orthopedic doctor at Joe D since birth, she instantly recommended Dr McNerney.

From the first minute we walked into Dr. McNerney’s office I knew we were in good hands. The office staff, the nurses and of course Dr. McNerney were all so kind and caring. Blaize unfortunately needed to have surgery to properly set his arm, so that meant we needed the out patient surgery facilities at Joe D.

From the minute we walked in on the day of surgery, the staff made sure to put all my worries at ease. Everyone from the valet, the security guard when we checked in, to the receptionist, the nurses, our doctor, Lotsy Dotsy the resident clown and Nutmeg the hospitals therapy dog, treated us with love and kindness. I know what you’re thinking…do they treat everyone this way? The answer is yes! I watched as the staff interacted with other patients and their parents who were just like me and nervous for their little ones. The staff treated everyone with kindness, love and understanding.

I was nervous when Blaize was in surgery, but the staff kept me updated on how everything was going and kept reassuring me he was in good hands. When Blaize was brought to recovery, I was so relieved, but one little thing really reassured me that he was in good hands. You see Joe D allows kids to take their favorite toys into surgery with them and Blaize took “MiMi,” his Mickey Mouse headed blanket. When Blaize and Mimi came out of surgery they had matching cast on their arms. Yes, Dr. McNerney put a matching cast on Blaize’s favorite toy. Little things like this mean so much and that’s what everyone on the staff at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital does. They pay attention to the small details, the little things that help make the kids and their families more comfortable, like the simple hug the nurse gave me when I started to cry when they wheeled Blaize into the operating room. Yes, Joe D offers the best care from a medical standpoint but their bedside manner is something you cannot overlook because it makes all the hard stuff the kids and families go through bearable.

Well, here we sit a year later in the lobby at Joe D’s for our Kiss Cares for Kids Radiothon and we are asking for you help. We need you to become a Team Player for $20 a month. All you have to do is grab your credit card and call 954-602-5437. I said it last year and I will continue to say it, you don’t ever plan on your kid getting hurt or sick, but it sure is nice to have Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital right here in Hollywood if they do.

Dr. McNerney gave Blaize's Mickey toy a matching cast.

Dr. McNerney gave Blaize’s Mickey toy a matching cast.


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