I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!! The story of this boy who had his mom pack him two lunches so he could feed one of his friends has touched not just my heart but millions of people’s hearts!

When she asked her son why he wanted more food, he explained to his mom that it was for a little boy who sits alone at lunch. Josette Duran explains:

“He said, ‘Mom it’s for this little boy at school. He sits by himself and all he eats is a fruit cup.’”

After learning this, Duran started packing two of everything in Dylan’s lunch, so the little boy had more to eat than just a fruit cup.

Eventually, the little boy’s mom found out, and the principal called both of the moms into his office.

The little boy’s mom offered to pay Duran back what she could. Duran recalls:

“She said, ‘This isn’t much, but I just got a job and I know you have been feeding my son.”

A tearful Duran refused to accept the money. The girls on the volleyball team she coaches raised over $400 to help pay her back, but again, Duran refused.

Now, personally, we aren’t the most well-off people but at times we do have an extra buck for a good cause.  It’s so funny that this story is in the news right now because a couple weeks ago my wife looked into how we can help donate to the cafeteria at Gavin’s school.  We found out that if the kids don’t come to lunch with money, the free lunch is just 2 slices of bread and a piece of cheese.  Seriously, the most ridiculous thing ever.  I think when I was younger it was a peanut butter sandwich.  Just saddens me to think kids are going without food at school.



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