By Darlene Evans

Oh boy NASA… you’ve done it now.   lol    NASA just revealed there are really 13 zodiac signs.

You see…  astronomers didn’t really understand how the Earth, sun and stars moved around 3000 years ago.   Based on the phases of the moon… the Babylonians had already made a 12 month calendar.   According to NASA… they divided the sky into 12 equal parts … even tho’ there were 13 constellations that the sun actually moves thru, not just 12.    They didn’t want to mess things up since they already had the 12 month calendar.    Sooo… they decided to omit “OPHIUCHUS” so it would match the calendar.  Course NASA studies ASTRONOMY… NOT ASTROLOGY.

According to NASA… when you factor in OPHIUCHUS…     NASA… JUST DID THE MATH!  : )

CAPRICORN:   Jan. 20 – Feb. 16                         LEO:  August 10 – SEPT. 16

AQUARIUS:  Feb. 16 – March 11                          VIRGO:  Sept. 16 – Oct. 14th

PISCES:  March 11 – April 18                                LIBRA:  Oct. 14 – Nov. 23

ARIES: April 18 – May 13                                      SCORPIO:  Nov. 23 – Nov. 29

TAURUS:  May 13 – June 21                                 OPHIUCHUS:  Nov. 29 – Dec. 17

GEMINI:  June 21 – July 20                                  SAGITTARIUS:  Dec. 17 – Jan 20

CANCER:  July 20 – August 10

Sooo… there ya be.   Do you have a tattoo of your zodiac sign.   My son does.  Whoops… it changed.   : )

Again…..NASA reminds us  …   Astrology is not Astronomy.    They just did the math.


Luckily… i don’t pay much attention to astrology.   Do you?  – Darlene Evans

Just had to add “Tattoo” by Sammy Kershaw.  Right?  Everything reminds me of a song.  : )


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